Monday, December 31, 2007

Car Show!!!

This past Saturday I went to the Indianapolis Car Show. I have been doing this every year for years. This year I was joined by Kristen, Jonathan and Anne, Micah, and Bill Baldwin. Always a good time just being able to check out the new cars coming out without the pressure of dealing with sales people!!!

Ford Mustang Cobra

Kristen liked the color scheme of this one!

A tad small for me!

In a BMW Z4.

Ahhhhh, the new Camaro coming out next year!!! Pretty sweet!!!

Micah and I!

Kristen and I!

Kristen and I in a Corvette!

The bros and I!
L to R: Me, Micah, Jonathan

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tecumseh Trail Marathon

Back on Saturday, December 1st I ran the Tecumseh Trail Marathon with Ben Hess. It was the toughest race I have ever done (and I have done several)!!! The marathon was located down in the hills of Brown County. We started at Morgan Monroe State Park and ended in Yellow Wood State Forest. I found that trail running is completely different with all the hills and everything else you have to watch out for on rugged trails! It was just awesome that both Ben and I completed this race!!!

Ben and I with our sock gloves before the race!

In the start area ready to go and trying to keep warm!

Coming up the hill at mile 9. Doesn't the "trail" look amazing! This is a decent section!!!

Ben Hess at mile 9!

Another of the MANY hills. This one at 18.5!

Ben at 18.5.

Going into the final sprint in a race against Greg, the guy in gray at the end!

Finally completing 26.2 miles!!!

Ben completing!!!

Kristen Schlegel and I right after I finished!

Mom and I at the end! It was great to have friends there that cheered us on at different points of the race! Always gave that extra boost!!! Plus great pictures thanks to them!

Ben and I after 26.2 miles. Not quite as energetic as the beginning!!!