Monday, September 22, 2008

Colts Game!

Yesterday I went to the Colts game with Kristen. Unfortunately they didn't play too well and lost, but it was a lot of fun anyway! It was nice to see Lucas Oil Stadium and to sit in a sold out crowd. We had seats nine rows up from the field in the end zone.

In PanAm Plaza with Lucas Oil in the background on the way to the game.

Lucas Oil Stadium

Payton Manning practicing

One of several serious fans!

Manning getting ready to receive.

Right before a touchdown pass.

The field view from our seats.

Nice to see the stadium packed.

Tony Dungy pacing the sidelines.

Halftime picture.

The offensive line.

Manning "wonderful" protection.

At the end of the game.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rascal Flatts Concert

On Saturday June 14 Kristen and I went to a Rascal Flatts concert. It was a great evening for it as we were outside and the temperatures were great. The concert was excellent, except I did not care for the opening by Taylor Swift.

Before the concert!

Trying out the shades!

Hummm...Fun times!!!

Let the concert begin!

There were some pretty sweet backgrounds during the concert!

A picture without zoom. This is what we saw.

During the concert.

He pulled a little girl out of the crowd and danced and sang with/to her.

Rascal Flatts

Another cool background near the end.


Back on June 12 - 13 I went down to Nashville, TN with Kristen to go to her brother Mike's wedding. There are so many wedding going on this year, it seems like I have the option to go to one every other weekend for the whole summer! Anyway it was a good trip down, although short.

The happy couple! Mike and Heather Schlegel.

The ladies!!!

The guys.
(Photo by: Steve Schlegel)

Kristen and I.
(Photo by: Steve Schlegel)

The wedding party!

Kristen and I.
(Photo by: Steve Schlegel)

Wedding party outside.

Kristen and I outside after the wedding.
(Photo by: Steve Schlegel)

Kristen and I at the reception afterwards.

Monday, May 5, 2008

2008 Mini Marathon

Saturday, May 3 was the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. I and several other friends ran this race. It was a great morning for it as the temperatures were in the 50's and it was overcast much of the race. The last 3 miles or so the sun came up and was in our eyes which made it a little more difficult, but overall no complaints! I ran my personal best this year at 1:33:13. My average pace per mile was 7:07 and I finished #785 out of 30,067 finishers. Ben Hess did an excellent job with his personal best at 1:49:22. Kristen Schlegel and Joy Hess ran the 5k while we were doing the 13.1 mini. They did a great job also! Here you can look up the official results.

Kristen and I before the race.
(Photo by: Ben Hess)

Ben and I before the race.
(Photo by: Joy Hess)

Ben and Joy, Kristen and I before the race.

This officer was posing for pictures.
(Photo by: Kristen Schlegel)

Let the race begin!!!
(Photo by: Joy Hess)

Kristen Schlegel, Joy Hess, and Becky Flink before the 5k race.

Phillip Dewing, Andy Flink, and I after the race. We're still standing and smiling!!!
(Photo by: Joy Hess)

Ben and Joy, Kristen and I after the race.

Ben Hess, Andy Flink, and I.
(Photo by: Kristen Schlegel)

Kristen and I after the race.
(Photo by: Joy Hess)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BRCC Spring Hike

Another successful spring hike was accomplished this past weekend! We went down to Red River Gorge on Friday night set up camp and hiked all day on Saturday. Ben Hess and I are training for the mini marathon so we ran a 12.8 mile run before hiking Saturday morning. That gave us a chance to get rid of some excess energy!!! The weather was great on Saturday. Sunny and mid 50's to low 60.

Gordon Craig, Susan Wilson, and I right before we hit the trail!!!
(Photo by Ben Hess)

The view from the top of a ridge! Beautiful!

This farm was down in the valley right next to the river surrounded by all this amazing scenery!
Another view. Spring had sprung!

A few of the people in our group venturing a look over the edge!

A view of Double Arch across the valley. Later on we eat lunch under this arch.
(Photo by Ben Hess)

This is a cliff going up the side of Court House Rock. Just a few of us decided that we would be able to make it to the top going up through this narrow cleft. This is Ben Hess coming down.

This is the group that ventured to the top of Court House Rock.
(Photo by Ben Hess)

On the way down Court House Rock there was a very narrow area we had to squeeze through.
(Photo by Ben Hess)

A pretty creek that we hiked along.

Looking for Crawdads in the creek.

Les Moore (back) and Mark Taylor (front).

A narrow area a few of us climbed up and squeezed through to get to a ledge.

From the ledge.

Lunch under Double Arch.

View through Double Arch.

Nice view.

Another one.

We came across this sign at the end of our hike. Hummm fancy that!!!!